Clubs & societies

Olympiad Club

Provides a stage for students to inculcate a creative and out of the box thinking using Mathematics to solve educational, social and environmental problems in life and build rationales based on Mathematical models.

Literature Associations


The Sinhala Language and Literary Association aims to create a cultural forum within the school which encourages and enhances the passion towards Sinhala Literature. For this, the Society organizes literary competitions, festivals, awareness among students.


The English Language and Literary Association aims to encourage more and more student to build passion towards the language itself and going beyond to further explore and enhance the knowledge on English Literature. The association organizes literary competitions, festivals, awareness among students which enables its core objectives.

Art Society

This society has always played a major role in polishing the aesthetic talents of students. The main objective of the society is to develop the students’ talents
to an extent of being recognized not only at school level but also at provincial and national level  

Social Science Society

Social science society looks closely at our society and the different kinds of actions and interactions human beings have with each other. We emphasize on developing the quality of social life in human life, behavior (how we think and act), and how we relate to others

Commerce Society

Main objective of the society is to facilitate and organize activities to enhance the awareness and skills of the students, gather and publish newsletters in the field of Commerce.

Buddhist Society​

Our Society emphasizes on the proper practice of Buddhism in present day life. We deliberate sermons and discussions on personal and public topics how the Dhamma can be used to develop our spiritual values to lead a more compassionate existence with our family, society and mother nature as well. We are responsible for organizing the annual ‘Seela Samadhana’ ceremony and ‘Poson Poya’ Program as well as ‘pera poya’ program in the school

Environmental Society

We are dedicated to the protection of the environment. Our objectives cover diverse aspects including encouraging environmental exploration, information gathering and awareness programs. Also the society plays a major role in keeping the school premises clean and encourage students on carrying out their activities with a minimum impact to the environment.

Debating Society​

Our debating society helps students to be ready to engage in the real world out there, to speak out with more self-confidence and to actively listen and understand different points of view. These skills improve students’ intelligence and public speaking skills, helping them to make ready of themselves to the outside world.

Science Society​

We nurture curiosity and re-enforce Science in to students in a more interesting, practical, real-world, thrilling approach with a bit of fun also so that students will grow more enthusiasm to engage and associate more with science. We interconnect with the students on showing how essential the use of Science in improving the quality of life and what it means for us all.

ICT Society​

ICT society works with students for the students in assistanting them to understand how basic technology works and how it could be used in their day-to-day lives. One of the main aims of the ICT society is to help students to become competent and confident users who can use the basic knowledge and skills acquired to assist them in their daily lives. It is also supposed to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. It aims to help learners to have an open and flexible mind. This will help them to adjust to the inevitable future changes. One example is the integration of ICT across the curriculum. At a very young age, children are introduced to basic programming, modelling and software applications to create appreciation of technology in everyday life. One of the main duties of the society is to backup data related to all the school activities.

Social Services Association

Our aims to encourage students to help the needy community inside and outside the school for them to overcome difficulties, uplift their status at least by a minimum level. Obtaining and coordinating available resources to meet students’ needs is thoroughly encouraged by the society. 

Drama Society

English Drama

The aim of the Society is to encourage English drama and stage performance related awareness and involvement of the students and to further develop the ‘performer’ within the students. It’s vision is to bring out the communication, presentation and leadership skills of its members through participating in events.

Sinhala Drama

The aim of the Society is to encourage English drama and stage performance related awareness and involvement of the students and to further develop the ‘performer’ within the students. It’s vision is to bring out the communication, presentation and leadership skills of its members through participating in events.

Media Society

School media unit develops students’ communication, presentation, leadership skills through getting them involved with Compeering, Announcing, News reading and  Event Management. The society’s key responsibilities are handling all the announcements at school and daily schedule planning.

Photography Club

Main objective is to promote creativity through photography, to educate and improve technical skills and to spread the passion for photography throughout the school community. Main responsibility of the society is to cover all the special events in the school to take photographs.

Young Inventors' Club​

The club aims to help the students with an interactive and educational introduction to technology and innovation in the 21st Century so that it will encourage the students to bring their innovative mindset in to action which will enable them to do greater things. 

Health Society

Create a sustainable health promoting school culture enabling the children to optimally benefit from educational opportunities provided, and promote healthy lifestyles among themselves, their families and the community.

Road safety

Road safety society plays a key role in daily operation of the school where we ensure the safety of each and every student on the road near school gates. We also arrange programs to students on Road Safety in in their everyday life and encourage them to have more disciplined and positive attitude towards adhering to Road Rules and guidelines.

Drug Prevention Society

The society organizes awareness on drug prevention which enables the students to develop the knowledge and attitudes to appreciate the benefits of living healthily. It also promotes responsibility towards prevention of drugs and encourages them to lead a quality life.

Girls Guide / Kuda Mithuri

The basic purpose of Girl Guiding at school is to contribute to the development of whole and well-balanced individuals in order to support them in their role as responsible citizens in the society