Old Girl Association

Few projects are done by the previous OGA committee.

Construction of the main gate of the school and the gate of the junior section with security booths and name boards(2021).

Welfare Activities

Organizing the Annual Non-Academic Staff Tour(2013,2014,2016)

gifts for teachers at the annual prize giving ceremony every year

Providing orchestral costumes(2013)

Provision of laboratory equipment, home laboratory equipment and net balls(2019)

Donating money to a karate champion for a trip abroad(2016)

Offering co-curricular books for the benefit of students in 12&13 sections(2020)

Granting scholarships to low income children(2019,2020,2021)

Awarding scholarships as a tactic to keep students in the school instead of sending them to other schools for A / L ( from 2014 to 2019)

Donations made to maintain hygiene in the face of this COVID 19 pandemic(2020,2021)

Organizing School Birthday, Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day every year

Making financial donations and material donations in the case of illnesses, deaths or natural disasters faced by people who are related to the school